[Request] Tutorial Server Sync And Decors Sync


I’ve looked high and low and found none. My ultra cool project dies without such…

Could some fine collection of gray matter put together a widely applying tutorial for adding sync to oddity objects like SetEntityAlpha for example. Everyone will say when asked to do this to “Use Decors” Or “Use The Server” but your system is very different from all other mps. And there is no easily adaptable tutorial or project to learn by example how to do either…

So I ask, how? Can someone give us a detailed coded example of oddity natives syncing with peds, vehicles, and even orphaned entities not associated with any ped.


Referenced here: https://forum.fivem.net/t/decors/130802


@Scammer Adding Sync to Native Functions
appears you are the only one who knows anything about this subject. Care to share your knowledge in a how to tutorial, with examples of various usages?


Could no one answer this question? Does no one know anything about decors? How is there not a reference to using them? We are all aware of this: http://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0x05661B80A8C9165F It is as informative technically as it is uninviting to the uninitiated.

Please, help us. What the hack are decors…? and where is a working, clean, clear example of their usage?

If you know anything at all about decors. Speak Out!
If you know any script that uses decors… Link us.
If you can spell decors… We don’t care.
We can spell it already. We need more!


Decors! Decors! Decors!



Thank you @anders very nice of you to share this with us here. I pronounce you, King of Today!

Thank you @Dexelir for sharing your code.

@all …Decors, FiveM’s well-guarded secret. This is not how we move forward people. Please everyone continue to link us here to your Decors revelations. There is no such thing as too much knowledge on a subject of interest.