[Request] Train 'freightcar' with a flat Loadingarea (Replacement)



I have been searching for days now and was not able to get a train where you can park cars ontop.

There are some Mods on the GTA V Mods Forum but none of them is able to work in FiveM and all of them are Locked in ZModeler3 so I can’t try to fix them.

And yes, I have been trying to make to orignal GTA freightcar flat in ZModeler3 on my own but I simply can’t handle 3D Modeling. It makes me want to bash my head in the next wall.

Please if someone more is able to just fill the Pit the orignal freightcar has with a meatl sheet or something I would be more than happy!


Hmm this seems to be harder than I thought… :disappointed_relieved: