[REQUEST] Spawn In to Server To Certain Place


Can Someone Make A Script That Spawn A New Player To A Certain Cord. On The Map When They Spawn In


Edit the map file (that is already existing in your server files) and use lambda to get cordanites


should be called fivem-map-skater (remove the other one)


Which one do i remove. And how do i get the cord. In lambda @J.Manlet


What do i edit in fivem_map_skater @J.Manlet


If you have simple trainer (F4) under options is a cord toggle should be first page on the left (I think)

Delete fivem-map-hipster and inside fivem-map-skater

edit map.lua. In there is all the server spawn points and peds that spawn in it.


lyou beat me to it xD