[Request] Simple B.A.C. TEST


Can anyone make a simple BAC test where the civ types in his own bac level and then leo can check it by player id and get the BAC results?


You could compromise

civ types in his own bac level

and use this script Fiskey111 FiveM Roleplay Modifications (Part I). It allows the police officers to check the civilian’s BAC, but if I’m not mistaken it’s a randomized number. Not exactly what you’re asking for but it’s useful for RP nonetheless!


It’s randomized. As far as I know, DOJ is the only server to actual grab a clients BAC content through custom input and send it across a network.

You are best off role-playing the BAC % through commands such as " Officer 1: Whats the BAC content?"

“Player 1: 1.08” DED NEEDS MEDICAL HALP"

So fourth…


Probably possible if a script is written to check clients BAC, but you’d need to have one that the client uses to set it or have some kind of script that will use GTAV’s intoxication animation when a certain item (pisswasser) is consumed and then setting the player’s BAC depending on amount consumed.


Literally what I just said. But if you are going to do that, you might as well have a some more code in there.

Why write the extra unnecessary code? you could literally have code that states an input, broadcast over the server, then display it when it’s called for.

It truly is what you want, but the above is what I am working on and its been going well.


I know it’s what you said, was just reiterating I guess lol. The input determined through drinking a beverage would be cool, I don’t write in .lua from scratch so I wouldn’t know where to start but I’m simply throwing out ideas that I think would definitely be cool to have!


Ahhh i am sorry.

Its a lot of code but it is gonna be worth it.


All good man, just wish I had the time to learn .lua


If you download some peoples scripts and look at how they are structured, what kind of code is being used to designate what, how the code comes together, it can be easier than learning from the .LUA manual.


It’s how I learned. Well, that and I did reference from the manual when needed… But that resource was hardly used.


I’ve fooled with vRP scripts and a few solo release scripts, I know what they look like but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around some events and such to make a script. Honestly just never took the time to get really into it.


Yeah. My main focus right now is a Mobile Data Computer. It is similar to the CHP computer but has a lot of content from my departments own MDC


I’ve made a very simple one, here it is.
/bacset [number] sets your bac
/bactest [playerid] tests someone else’s bac
breathalyzer.zip (1.5 KB)


Good enough. Thanks!