[Request] Server Security


This past days many servers were flooded and mine also, I think we should be able to hide our server ips in that server selector! This would make all servers invulnerable to hackers since they don’t know the ip!


You can already take your server off the server list…


Getting the IP of the server is trivial to even script kiddies, even if it’s not given on the server list. Put your server behind CloudFlare and/or use a VPS provider that has DDoS mitigation techniques already deployed.


It’s not trivial. It’s displayed when you see the 100’s of stupid fucking resources people run for esx and vrp. Also you can’t put it behind cloudflare as it won’t allow you to connect. Even if you do that your putting the domain, not the IP, it’s on behind it.


I’m confused of what you’re disagreeing with me on. CloudFlare was a bad example, but there are plenty of DDoS mitigations you can do on a server.

You think it would be difficult to get the IP address of a server if the FiveM client removed the label showing the IP?


No. It’d still be easy to get the IP with some well done packet scanning. I’m disagreeing to your point that it’s trivial to get. Currently it shows it and even if it was removed it would still be easy to get/find.


Trivial means easy…


How would I take my server off of the list? I am using Zap-Hosting



sv_master ""

in your server.cfg


You just described 99% of the RP servers on this mod.

That said, nothing of value was lost if RP servers get DDoS’ed if you ask me.


what do you mean uncomment?


Described as shit? :joy: I was half asleep when typing the above shit I don’t even know what I was arguing about. But I agree. I wouldn’t mind if all rp servers got ddosed or unlisted.


don’t tell me you don’t know what a comment is…


I know what it is, I think, I just need to know what to do lol


This tells you exactly what you need to do :wink:


People could most likely get the server IP through monitoring traffic, or through F8 when downloading assets


I did it



Just run netstat after you’re connected, easy peasy.

netstat -ano


So how would we put our server behind Cloudflare? I’ve been looking into them and from what I understand, this is achieved through DNS. But I am unclear how to set that up for the physical server. So I put my server IP where it wants a website? If so, does Cloudflare give me a new IP for the server that directs traffic away from me? Will this new IP address also be what displays on fivem?


I was wrong above, I don’t believe CloudFlare will work for FiveM. There are lots of DDoS mitigations that would work.