[Request] Police Options without Essentialmode


Hello guys,
I was wondering if it were possible for anyone to create a few scripts or one big script for me. I can not seem to find any of them that do not require the use of Essentialmode, vRP, or an independent database on mysql. I am just trying to create a very basic server and I need a few scripts to finish it up.

Script Request:
A script that a cop (steam hex id) can press a hotkey like f3 and it will cuff the nearest player to them. Then they can press f4 to start dragging the nearest cuffed player. And finally press f5 to set the player currently being dragged in the back seat of the nearest car(would be a cop car in the rp scene)

Thanks in advance :smiley:



Thanks but like I said, I am trying to make a basic server that doesnt include any sql etc


need this too, same script basically just no mysql, essentialmode, etc