[Request] Permission system for allowing certain sever groups for cars? / server


I just made this quick picture of what I’m trying to explain… If anyone knows how to do this please contact me, Also if anyone knows how to restrict some server groups from joining sorta like HSG? ((I’m assuming you’d need to use a SQL ))

If this is in the wrong spot please tell me… (or move it)


I am currently making a system exactly like this. It has the following in planning at this stage:

Senior Admin
Member 3
Member 2
Member 1
Guest ( has no perms)

The above system will work for cars, peds, weapons.

I am also planning a admin jail for it that admin and above can use. This will send you to a area within the military base and not let you leave…

The script might evolve into using async which then would let us use whitelisting and make the process easier…


That sounds sick. 20 chr


Will this also include server whitelisting?