[Request] Looking for someone who can create a CAD


Hey I need help because I’m having so much trouble making a CAD it would make it easier if someone could make a simple working one I don’t care about its looks as long as its functional


There’s many floating around. Like OpenCAD etc. Just search


As soon as soon as possible. :thinking:


:thinking: ( 20 characters )


I know how to create a cad but haven’t got the time rn if you wait a few months I will be creating one for my server and releasing it to five M


I closed It Cause no one came on soo


And you are violating FiveM’s Terms of Service if you sell your bubble or wix “CAD”.

On Topic:

There are indeed lots of open source CAD’s around.
OpenCAD: [Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo Site]
A3-Police-Database: https://github.com/ColeB97/A3-Police-Database (meant for Arma3 but it’s a standalone website, works great)


I know I am Going to change it to Freee


Cant be selling stuff that’s fivem related.

I normally disagree with not being allowed to make money from fivem especially if someone doesn’t know how to code and wont learn wants to pay for something.

But if you your self used a website/application builder like bubble you shouldn’t make money either especially when the bubble cad is open to the public as you put little to know effort into the development.