[Request] Looking for someone who can create a CAD


Hey I need help because I’m having so much trouble making a CAD it would make it easier if someone could make a simple working one I don’t care about its looks as long as its functional


There’s many floating around. Like OpenCAD etc. Just search


Hello I am a Director Of a Cad Company And can we talk ok discord me and you and my dev and work out a deal

Discord: https://discord.gg/VBBNqCM
My Discord: Jrock_Gaming1#9798
Please contact as soon ASAP


As soon as soon as possible. :thinking:


:thinking: ( 20 characters )


I know how to create a cad but haven’t got the time rn if you wait a few months I will be creating one for my server and releasing it to five M


I closed It Cause no one came on soo


And you are violating FiveM’s Terms of Service if you sell your bubble or wix “CAD”.

On Topic:

There are indeed lots of open source CAD’s around.
OpenCAD: [Release] OpenCAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) [Demo Site]
A3-Police-Database: https://github.com/ColeB97/A3-Police-Database (meant for Arma3 but it’s a standalone website, works great)


I know I am Going to change it to Freee