[Request]Looking for esx_lawyer script


Can someone give me the esx_lawyer script? I searched all the laod and could not find it, I’m grateful!


Changed your topic title. Please make it reflective of your post. Something called ‘I need a resource’ can put people off even though it might be a good idea.


You’re looking for https://github.com/ESX-PUBLIC/esx_laywerjob


Thanks man, you are an angel from the sky :angel:


No problem, just be aware of the corrupt logo on esx_phone. I have a fix in my fork.


I use esx_ALphone, so i dont need that logo, thanks anyway bro.
I noticed the script is too simple, they just can wash money (and i change that, cause i have a proper wash money system), deposit and withdraw money, receive the costumers message and change the cloths… I expected this script brings more stuff, maybe i will try to change it and do somethng nice with it