[REQUEST]Looking for Dev (Vehicles)


I’m looking for a dev to develop cars if anyone wants to do so feel free to pm me thank you.


A “developer” does not “develop” cars. :man_facepalming:


Yeah I just realized what a dumbass I sounded like.


I know you said you are looking for someone but vehicles are rather easy.
Read this tutorial and give it a shot yourself!


i can but it depends what you want.


I know how to add vehicles to the game the thing I’m looking for is someone to make custom ones as add-ons that I can then install into the server. I can do everything else like skinning off a template and stuff.


I’m looking for custom emergency vehicles for my rp clan based off the state of Nevada


ELS or non els vehicle


I mean ELS would be nice because of realistic flash patterns and control of signal master but I’m fine with either honestly. If you can make them add-on that would also be appreciated but replacement is fine as well.


ELS doesn’t work server sided, meaning you can have it installed client side and have it work, but it’s not synced with the server, so no-one else would see the lights on.


Yeah alright then non-els it is

But now I have a change of minds for vehicle request. I would now like to please ask if you guys could make vehicles that are based off my favorite comiv book series Judge Dredd