[Request] Housing!



I have seen many servers have it so that people could view and tour houses, and then when you go to buy it the admin will give u money to and you will own the house. I believe this is vRP but most the servers have it to where its just that aspect.

Basically what I’m asking if someone could either make this resource or show myself how to disable all the aspects of vRP (ex: The economy, money, player data saving, etc. ) except the house buying. I know I’m asking for a lot but i hope someone may be able to help myself!


Have you tried to eliminate certain parts of the housing script so that only the circle of entering the house appears? is something similar to what I have done with a teleport script I have put 2 scripts together in 1 and it is crazy but it works great. Try to try things but that if, make a buckap of the original lest you break it all xdxdxdxd


Yea that sounds good , but i don’t want full vRP . I basically want to only have the housing not the economy and such.


I know how you can have the houses without having the money etc if you have not discovered it yet I can help you


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Have u tried using the retail estate job if it is a Rp server?


link it please [] 20


here you go :slight_smile: