[Request] [ESX] A Place to Sell




I have found many good scripts but they don’t really have an option to sell their items. My request would be a script that make a CP somewhere on the map where you can add items into it that you can sell there. Like: Adding "hat", "phone, "computer" and then you can sell them for money there. Just a simple script for selling.


esx_shops? If you want the player to be able to sell stuff then there is something called esx_pawnshop


Hm… That esx_pawnshop sound good. I meant that. Is this an existing thing? :slight_smile:



Very Guilty a script :smiley:


LOL I can’t find esx_pawnshop either. Sounds dope though.


“Kinky amateur babe in high heels goes naked showing off her nice firm but then gets her pussy slammed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop” Hmm… @Barbie that’s not what I meant to download.


Yeah not what i intended. I saw one on github a whileback but it might have been taken down. I also made one from the menu used in esx_gym by panda. The way its setup its easily converted to take the item instead of give it. Make an option for each item you want to sell. Its not classy and prob not the best way but it works fine


Can you share it with us please?


Um sure give me a sec but i suggest you look it over. Made it a long time ago as a part of the learning process.esx_pawnshop.zip (3.8 KB)


Barbie is always so nice to share things he has shared a few scripts with me :slight_smile:


Oh, a real thanks to you! :slight_smile: I’m very glad that I not downloaded something random porn :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: