[REQUEST] ELS Server Side Script


I am looking for someone that has a server side els script that does require the people that play in the server to download any special files to make it work. I know there is a script out there but sadly it keeps being removed. If someone has their own that would be amazing or know where to go could you please let me know. This would be a very great benefit to all of the people of Fivem if someone was kind enough to share this with the community. Thank you!


Tip: FiveM Sucks For Development so if it keeps getting removed, Probably a reason your not aware of.


Like what do you mean?


AFAIK, there’s only one port of ELS for FiveM made by @ejb1123, located at


Now, it doesn’t have the lights. Nor do I think it will for a while (if ever). This is because the original developer apparently doesn’t like open source projects and has decided to keep his code to himself (the same as like 90% of people who release GTA mods). So, until they decide to let people see the code, they port it over themselves, or give the patterns (heard somewhere that the patterns are the hardest bit) you won’t see a fully working ELS script (fully synchronized with all clients).

Lol what? If you don’t infringe on others copyright and steal their scripts (like every other community), it’s a great place. It’s not our fault if mod creators are complete twats don’t want to give other’s the source code to their precious mods.


@Havoc That is what I am talking about. I wish someone would be kind enough to share what they have with the entire community to benefit everyone. Sadly I do not think that will ever happen…


Nice man always protecting your community.


Also @Havoc I saw FiveM pull down multiple times peoples scripts that were posted publicly and they said this script is not mine it belongs to someone else. Then a few minutes later, FiveM comes in and pulls it down because someone who could be lying is claiming it to be theirs. So FiveM is going and suppressing the sharing of files.



In what way does it suck, you can make any mod you want to for FiveM that you can make outside of it, are you talking about the forums? Where there are hundreds of mods for people to use and people helping each other out every single day? The only things I have ever seen taken down are scripts posted by people who did not make them, which is how it should be.


You do know that removing files that have any doubt as to their copyright origin is required by both EU and US law? If people would place proper licenses on their initial code distributions such a doubt needn’t exist, but as people do not, there is no way to prevent this.


No people who made it are horrible people the mod is good, don’t be saying shit without knowing what I meant boyo.


So… the FiveM devs are horrible people because a mod allegedly keeps getting removed?


If many communities had a server streamed ELS, there would be less resistance to the termination of scripthook. The point is this particular issue affects many users and the forthcoming prospect of disabling scripthook is disturbing for those communities who have vehicle designers who have spent countless hours developing multiple vehicles for the community.


Well, if the original creators of ELS helped out the elements, they could port it over to FiveM and there would be no argument to keep scripthook because “hurr durr, rp needs ELS”.

What does vehicle add-ons have to do with client side mods? AFAIK, you can stream vehicles to the client so, there’s no need for any other mods?