[Request] DOJ looking cars


hey i want a fivem car pack non els that look similar to the doj police cars can anyone do that?


Wrong Category to be posting requests in. Releases are for actual releases of resources for servers.


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search captain 14’s in there pretty much the same cars if not exactly the same as they use


they use a lot of bxBuggs cars and some are private other can be found on www.lcpdfr.com


@AveryM Not to mention i believe they use this skin pack although not all the cars are there most likely they use this pack and made skins for other cars they had aswell :slight_smile: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/15653-los-santos-county-blaine-county-sheriffs/


This is my car pack, which I collected for our RP server, different authors of machines, selected the textures myself.


@Zach yeah is that i cant find the right cars to use for them and im not good at changing the textures


@AveryM Yeah, It is a tedious process of adding textures, I also have been trying to find cars to fit the skins.


i got it now https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/356907138892824579/368489980324085771/unknown.png


What lighting visuals are you using ?