[Request] Dispatch Gps


Hello guys.I have server in FiveM name is Department of Defense we don’t have all scripts but we trying to get but now we need 911 Dispatche Gps. Can someone relase 911 Dispatche Gps please we need much.Thanks


Give more information. Explain in detail what you want please.


Like when the peoples call ems,police or fire dpt we want to know loction like when peoples call there is said x0-y0 and hiw many meters he far his or her loction and Press x to mark that loction on my map can you do this please?


ESX has this feature, so does vRP. However you could also look at this too: [Release] Job: Save people, be a hero! (paramedic, emergency, coma, KO)


We just need gps system for all 911 not just for ems


You can edit that script tho.


Do you have chance to do it because we dont hsve any developers yet