[Request] Disable Cinematic camera when "afk"


Pretty simple request…
I’m trying to disable the cinematic camera when the player goes “afk” for a couple of seconds. This is mostly because of NUI stealing focus for long enough to send the camera into cinematic mode. It’s very irritating when the current menu is part of an in-world editor where you need to see everything…

Anybody have any ideas?

SetCinematicModeActive doesn’t seem to work

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It’s not that simple though…
Probably check if the gameplay camera is rendering (which returns false if cinematic is active) then disable all cameras

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Sorry for digging this topic, but it’s the only one related to this I found. I’d really appreciate some more detailed answer about how to disable such cinematic afk camera or simply force some camera position for a specific time.


For future reference, the native to reset the afk timer is N_0xf4f2c0d4ee209e20. The camera only activates after being afk for 30 seconds so it’s enough to call this native once every few seconds. E.g.

  while true do
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