Could someone possibly make this a addon?


I have found 1 link, but it did not work. If you can manage to make this a addon it will make my day, thanks!


Addon or replace to be clear. Also, if addon is what you want then what do you want the slot to be called?


Addon. And SO11
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I will see what i can do :wink:
Give me about 1-2 days and i will have it for you.


Thanks man! I appreciate it


Ok, i have it for you! wait shortly and i will dm you the Link!


Yeah I tried this previously but didn’t have the time to fix the lights, seemed like it had missing files or I done something wrong in the vehicles.meta fixing the light


I’ve figured it out here you go.



Thanks for helping man, It would have taken a while for me to get to it, so I am glad someone else was able to do it. :smile:


No worries my pleasure.


Is that link the car I wanted? Or is that for Harrison to use as a template I guess you could say.


It’s the model.

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So it is supposed to be this?


That isn’t what I sent you.


When I downloaded it, it said “Sheriff.yft” so I went in OpenIV and overlooked it and it showed up as that.


You probably already have one, I used that file I gave you on my VPS and it worked so you are probably looking at a different one.


I will just redownload it


Here are the 2 liveries.


I checked to what file I was selecting and I clicked “sheriff” and this is what pops up. When I wanted the slicktop version up above, unless there was a misunderstanding.


You asked for the vehicle from the link just remove the light bar in open iv.