[Request] Cordinate Teleporter


I own a server and i need one thing to make it how would like it which is a teleporter so how i would like it to be is when you enter the sandy police station you know the door onto the left if you were to walk near it a message would pop up on screen confirming the teleport and boom your off and i would love it so in one of the folders like the config or whatever cordinates you type into the config folder it will teleport you there if someone makes this please make me aware of this thank you


Wrong place bud. Moved it for ya.


Thanks i was looking for this but thank you


Hello sir.
so you want to sandyshores to teleport somewhere right
if this is right we need to look for possibitlities we can make it with our self or we can just look for the internet.
I think we need to make it our selfs becouse i didn’t found on github or forums.


teleport.rar (1.8 KB)
use this as a teleport the sandy and paleto station are there already theres extra teleports for other place i use the sheriff YMAP with extra cells made by this guy also it includes teleports for some of his other ymaps