[REQUEST] Code Zero Charger sound mod



Hello, i’m from LSPSRP. I’m currently looking for the charger V8 sound mod Code Zero Uses

Example: https://youtu.be/L0ykE-poG1o?t=1549

Thanks -Lendercl


This ain’t no release


@Lendercl Do not post this in Releases it’s not a Release


The title clearly says [REQUEST]


This category is for releases only. Please read

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Not to mention we don’t even use a custom sound for the charger :joy:


Well, Buggs, jeff and polecat.


I don’t even understand what you mean by your statement. We do not use a custom sound for the charger.


The video i posted, There is defiantly a sound mod involved there.


There is no way currently, AFAIK, to stream audio server-side. I’m telling you right now we aren’t using a custom sound for the charger. :nerd_face:


Yeah DOJ does not use custom charger sounds.


Read the title of the post.


Neither do the CZG members use them client-side. Go and find the vehicle audio hash.


You are clearly not listening to what @ToastinYou is saying, they do not use a custom charger sound, they’ve most definitely changed the audioNameHash of the charger vehicle.


Perhaps then, maybe his question is just phrased wrong, meaning he wants to know what the audio has of the charger is they use?



The best guess i can come up with is the Tornado vehicle sound.

It or the Sorano,


its the Windsor sound
change it in vehicles.meta(vehicle must be streamed as an addon)


Thanks man work awesome!


So how exactly do I change and make the Windsor sound into another vehicle say into like cars that are chargers