[Request] Cleanup vehicles (delete all vehicles on server)


This would be very nice. As I operate a drift server and we have a lot of cars spawned all the time.


any one got this script as i keep getting people in my server joining and spawning loads of cars


Hmm, how would you like it to work? Remove the vehicle once the player exits it or what?


i would like to type /reset or something like that and all cars what no one are in just go off map till get spawned again
but if u can do it when exit i mean better then nothing


Alright, I’m working on it.

[Release] Vehicle Clean Up (UPDATED v2)

your a top bloke :slight_smile:


Released it here


thank you so much Mr Scammer :stuck_out_tongue:


how dose the script work because i need one where it deletes cars on a command like /dv but dv all whale im still in the game and not out of it