(REQUEST) Car to be convert to Add on


im looking for someone that could possilbe convert this car from lspdfr


Moved to #development:scripts as this is not a request for FiveM itself


my bad im sorry @IllusiveTea


Can you send the link to what car you wanna get converted?


same I want to learn to convert


All you need to do is add metas. Thats basically the difference between an add-on and replacement car. I made all the vehicles on our server add-on. Use OpenIV to grab all the vanilla metas and have at it. You’ll need vehicles, handling, carvariations and carcols. You can use default game settings in your metas to make things faster. For instance I use default light and handling lines for a few of my cars. You basically only stream what you need.


if you want an example
this is a hummer h1 replacement thats been converted to a addon (replaces the patriot normally)

have a look where I’ve replaced patriot with hummer in the resource files, and have also re-named the Y files.

you do need to grab the metadata for the vehicle it replaces for seating positions and dashboard to work properly aswell as handling for it to make sense unless you want to make your own like i did with this hummer.


i have a vehicle i would love to get converted into a resource. It already has the handling.meta but has a read file that i need to manually add into carcol,carvariations and vehicle.meta, and everytime i try I cant get them into a working .meta file. I would love to have it as stand alone .metas for resource…can someone assist that is good with the .meta files?


what car i may be able to help you with that problem


this is what i am trying to add on as a stand alone resource…https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ford-f350-brush-truck-new-lighting-pattern


Did you ever get this converted? We actually have this as an add-on fire vehicle on our server, lol.


no we have not. I have been trying everything to get this as addon non els. Would u be willing to share resource?