[Request] Can someone convert this to work with FiveM?


I LOVE this mod and I’d love to see it in FiveM for RP.


yeah that wud be cool


When I get home I will look into it…
It’s not seem to hard to implement it’s just a carcols file as I see it on my phone currently


Amazing, thank you my friend. I feel that this mod would be extremely popular if you could get it added to FiveM.


this mod will be awesome on fivem ! i’m waiting for this if someone is working on it!


Sry for the late but I had things to do at home, I will start work with it in about a hour


Hmm I tested it and I can’t get it to work today, I will try tomorrow but it’s possible that this is an element club only feature (:sob:) and that’s why it’s not working for me… because it’s load the file:

but don’t seem to work.


You can download my testing script from here https://github.com/GNG2017/ColoredHeadlights/releases/tag/v0.1 (This script is currently set to the red color)
@Fourthbeam please try out with your element club argentum.


So how does it work?


FiveM like to limit some features like the add-on/replace clothes for only element club users(Patreon Supporters) I think this is a feature like this because it’s load the file and it’s not doing anything.
The script I uploaded is just my testing scripy, if you start it, it will try to load the Red headlights file, but you can change it in the __resource.lua file.


If I’m understanding this topic right you want to color your headlights, Maybe its a idea to get the model out of OpenIV And just put a colored texture on the texture for the headlights and find the carcols of the model and just change the headlight carcols to whatever color you would like to have it as.

Its just a idea you could try this.


he want it to be able to change this on all cars to different colors


So Rockstar have actually added this to GTA Online now lmao