[Request] Biker DLC Weedroom


I’m looking for the coordinates of the Biker DLC Weed room.
Image of:


x = 1065.6190185547, y = -3183.5356445313, z = -40.163440704346


Thank you! May I ask how you found this?


in noclip below the port


90% of the gta online interiors are hidden under the LSIA runway or the big docks around -98 y axis , make sure you have the custom IPL’s loaded


But you have to load the place with the ipl


How would I go about loading the ipl? I’m a bit new to using interiors. Is there a code that I have to enter and if so, what is it and where would I put it?

If there’s a tutorial I can use that as well.

Edit: and are you aware of what’s the ipl code is for the weed room?


bobs74 ipl and iplloader which is the extention to bobs resource but both of them need some work with proper texture loading for import/export garages