[Request] Automatically execute Rcon Commands?



Not sure if its even possible, But if it worked, it would most probably be when the server restart the commands are automatically put into rcon.

These are commands such as weather, time, freeze time. Stuff like that. It will make it easier in my opinion.

Also if it has already been created and I missed it? Can you please link it below <3


Are those acl commands? If so I’m pretty sure you can configure one of the .lua files to default those values so you don’t have to re-enter them every time.


Those are acl commands, an yeah you’re right there’s some variables that can change all of that I believe


If you don’t like that then you can use this:

ExecuteCommand("<RCON COMMAND>")

Note that the command you want to run MUST be either RCON compatible or be registered using this method:

RegisterCommand("<commandName>", function()
    -- command code here

ExecuteCommand() (and RegisterCommand()) can be used with server side scripts as well as with client side scripts. Do note however that the command you want to run must be registered on the same side.
TL;DR: Don’t cross use ExecuteCommand and RegisterCommand between server/client scripts.


ACL has built in rcon commands :wink:


That’s why I wrote that it needs to be either RCON compatible OR using RegisterCommand :wink:


ahhh haha my bad ;/ …


LEGENDS! Thanks guys <3 <3 <3 <3