[REQUEST] Admin Patrol Nearby script thingy


Hello so i was looking everywhere for this script that highspeedgaming and AFS Roleplay has and i really want to figure it out because they look the same on both servers if someone can make one/find one that whould be awesome as i really want to test it and maybe help my server grow!
Example from AFS Roleplay:


Thanks, in advance!


Most of what HSG has is custom made, I’m not sure about AFS. I know HSG the admins just type out their warnings most of the time. I haven’t seen anything exactly like this in the releases.

You could probably edit this to recognize something other than gunshots and work off that. (Probably)


I will test but i dont know lua that well so i dont know if i can do that.


Did not work :frowning: if someone thats a little more smart than me please do it? ill do whatever u want.


hey i made a script like it :slight_smile: when i’m finished i’ll give it to you

EDIT: here ya go: [Release] Admin Script [1.0]


Thank you so much :wink: