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Hey, This is LARP’s framework e running on this server - They have stolen it somehow -

Server name: Friends RP
Discord server :
Server IP:

Test Server : Friends RP Alpha





robin !#3364


you wanna run a server with me i want atrainer based server and economy and if your good with esx that be great!!!



Hello, im the community owner of San Anreas Department of Rp. What kind of things can you do as a developer?




Talk to L.Watkins


Aight. Dave K.#1467


Im looking a dev for ESX sever and my discord is Omyarion #5303 we can talk everything over discord


do you know how to make it work proper with controllers as in esx


Hello, Im Fraser from WCR, We are a FiveM Group that focuses around gameplay using trainers, Currently we only have one developer and hes amazing at what he does. We plan to expand our community and maybe come out with a new update. Having a helping hand would be amazing, If this seems like something you’re interested in let me know my discord is Fraser#2803 Thanks!


Hey, i added you on discord.


Hello, My name is James from NYRP
At NYPD we aim to help the community grow and prosper, a server that aims to provide a higher level of role play. We ensure that we carefully hand pick our police officers and paramedics to ensure professionalism is a standard. Our developers and staff work to keep the server running smoothly and professionally and we take all complaints and concerns seriously. If you are looking to join NYPD as a new member then we can offer you a better experience than other servers. We are very open to new and fun ideas just leave us a suggestion in the feedback chat on discord and we will review it as quickly as possible. Together we can make this community better.

Please Check us out at the link below


Hi There We Are Currently Looking For Developers Just Checkout This Post For More Detail On What We Are Looking For And What You Can Expect:


Thank you for posting about your desire for a positive community to be in. At FIB RP, we strive to make a realistic and positive experience for everyone by enforcing professionalism standards and prohibiting profane language and swearing. We feel that this creates a more positive environment and helps us focus on more intelligent communication.

We are an up and coming community with a few members, with many positions still open, including a development lead. The members we do have possess a strong desire to have fun and create realistic and engaging scenarios.

We base our community’s LEO around Alabama Department of Public Safety, Madison County Sheriff, Madison Police, and Huntsville Police. Our EMS is based on HEMSI and our Fire Department is based on Madison Fire and Huntsville Fire.

After you join the Discord via the link below, please fill out an application via the second link to be considered for the position.

Thank you for your interest!

FIB RP Discord

FIB RP Signup


I am the Asst Director of a new server called Blue Line Roleplay. We are based off of Ventura County, California. We currently have the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol. Our current age requirement is going to be fourteen. We are a better community. A community that listens. A community that will support each and every member through rough and challenging time. We are an understanding community. This is a community that will service you with integrity, professionalism, and realism.

Please click on our discord link and give us a chance.


Hey, the discord invite is invalid. Can you Pm me a new one or update it here?


#21 Hey there i am Planning on opening a Server and am looking for a Dev stop in and lets chat



We are currently working on a Dutch RP community. We are already a way in but we experience some issues. We would like to have a second developer with us to expand the options in our RP. We currently have a nice base of players and only expanding in players. Everyone is nice and easy to eachother in character, as well as out of character.

Would you like to come by? Check out Yes, its Dutch, but we can perfectly speak English for our Dev Ops! :slight_smile:



Hello there i see you are interested in roleplay.:wave:

Now are you interested in a server focused on realistic and fun roleplay you have come to the right place, of course we have alot going for us, but we also realize that words don’t mean much until you try out a server so we urge you to join us and try us out, after all what do you have to lose.

Departments Available
San Andreas Department of Public Safety
Blaine County Public Safety Commission
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Blaine Fire

Come check us out at!!!


Chicago RP

I’d love to work with u on a server we have a few dev’s but we could use more active one’s were trying to make our’s as close to real life as possible I use FX & ESX So both are okay with me. I’d love to have ur help and to have u on board with our team!!! My Discord: [ Tory|Dylvn#1400 ] :wink::crazy_face::slightly_smiling_face: