Replaced vehicles are not replaced


Hi, I wanted to replace a few cars on my FiveM Server but they will not be replaced. I have done everything as in this tutorial here but the models are not replaced he shows me only the standard cars. What can I do?

My Server Config:

    - chat
    - mods
    - spawnmanager
    - fivem-map-skater
    - baseevents
    - rconlog
    - hardcap # prevents the game from breaking
    - scoreboard

And here a screenshot of my /resources/mods/stream/ Folder:

In this example, I really wanted to change the stratum against this VW passat.

Best regards Daniel


Place ‘mods’ on the bottom, below scoreboard.

Also, if you’ve done everthing then where’s your __resource.lua


My __resource.lua is in “/resources/mods” and when i put “- mods” on the end of the list i get this error in my console:

|ERROR|CitizenMP.Server|Could not find auto-started resource mods.

Thats the reason why i put the “- mods” higher

EDIT: I have just noticed that the server always outputs the error message!


you deleted the server cache? if not, do it and restart your server. if you won’t messed the cars install it should work.


I deleted the server cache but it doesnt work


Okay i have solved the problem myself. Here is a short list with my mistakes

  • My resource file was called __resources.lua and not __resource.lua
  • My resource file was empty and now I have re-written the following:
files {

And thats all. But thank you for your help.

Best regards Daniel.


fine that you fix the problem. but i always use a empty resource file to share my replace mods, and it works fine. the problem should come from the S in __resource.lua name.


You don’t have to add the stream - Files in the resource.lua


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