Removing Map Icons



How do I remove the icons on the map that come default with the server? I was wondering because I don’t need them there. Thanks…


Is there any icon by default ?
I don’t think so


When ever I make a brand new server with nothing in it there are icons all over the map so I don’t know…


Which icons are you talking about ?


Ill get a picture 1 sec


There are icons around the map like comedy club, criminal drugs, darts, devin, golf, helicopter stuff like that and I never added anything



Actually, yes. You added something, you have resource which displays that blips


Well I didn’t add anything so I don’t really know hmm


This is not possible


check in your plug-ins folder


What’s in your citmap-server.yml?
Should only have

    - chat
    - spawnmanager
    - fivem-map-skater
    - baseevents
    - rconlog
    - hardcap # prevents the game from breaking
    - scoreboard

by default


Most likely you have LambdaMenu installed?
Go to its settings in-game and disable “Map Location Blips”, the first entry.


This is using a game mode caled dunkos vRP