[Removed-Release] Advert Script



Requested to be Removed


Warning you will have to register on another website to download this script!

[This issue has been fixed]


ill fix that give me a sec @Matt76


Cool, Thanks for fixing this :slight_smile:


Can you try now please @Matt76


What’s the icon in the advert?


@eltuis10 go here https://wiki.■■■■■.net/index.php/Notification_Pictures and search CHAR_CHAT_CALL


Thanks, just downloaded now. No need to register anymore to download this script :slight_smile:


the code doesn’t seem like much modification like what did you change other than adding modified by J.Manlet?? like does it make it have images or what


This is the exact same as @ToniMorton 's script from what I can see except you changed the command and the notification image :thinking:


That’s perfectly fine by me.

Most of my scripts are 100% License free. (Not to mention stuff like this saves me the work of making every single possible combo of one script.)

Though I can’t speak for the fivem staffs opinion on the topic of 100 versions of the same script :laughing:


Screenshots please

(Twenty Characters)



Is that the only one? I’m just curious


The only what? Notification picture? No. The only screenshot? I don’t know, I grabbed it from the previous topic.


Uhh, I’m like 99% sure this is a replica of this script [RELEASE] TrafficAlert - A Traffic Broadcast System Except for 6 letters. If you want it to be more like DOJs, add more commands for different notification pictures, with different commands.


Fix link?



The download link is broken would really enjoy re-upload!


OP req