[Removed] [ESX] Player Managed Flight School v1.1


I did say it needs some converting done. This work is not easy

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Are you able to upload the map too? Downloaded it through the Russian website and extracted the DLC, but am having a few issues with streaming for some reason.


How do you convert the map?

I want to ask the author to upload a map.

Inside the map empty empty

Sad, I wonโ€™t turn

How do you convert? do you have the map working? if so can you maybe post it?

I will not be releasing the map as said on the post above, if you want it, you will need to convert it yourself, i canโ€™t release it, itโ€™s not my work.

I cannot release it either as it is not my work.

I tried to convert it, but half of the building is missing. So frustrating. Can you tell me what tools you used to convert it?

if you can show us how we can make our own as i would love to know how to convert this as i have converted others but this one just gives a whole lot of holes

I really want to know how to turn, otherwise I have a hole in the room.

teleports dont seem to be working, what did you use for them?

Then something is interfering with the resource as they work just fine, do you have an esx server?

I do yeah

Did you edit anything?

I didnโ€™t no, just installed the esx files etc as per your instructions

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