Remove weapons from peds/npc




I’m literally getting crazy over here, can someone probably help me out since i’m quite new to LUA and Modding, i cant figure this out myself even tho i’ve been searching the whole forum, read about natives and such…
The case is that i just figured out that specific peds spawn in with weapons and if i steal a car or something they’ll start shoot at me.

How in the name of g do i remove the weapons from those guys on server start-up?
It has to be some kind of way, i would really appreciate a simple tutorial or script that i can use at least something that can point me in the right direction.

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Here is some natives i found that may help you. I’m not going to create a script for you but here.

[EDIT] This is probably what your looking for :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, i really appreciate your help.
But sadly thats what i’ve found as well, but i actually have no idea how to get started from that haha.
Sad to say, but i’m all stuck…

Is it complicated to script those kind of things?

Kind regards.


Hmm ok This may help you if you want to find the NPC model names. And just put the model names in the cfg file under “cfg.noguns”


Thank you once again!
I bet i can get something out from this at least, doesnt seems that hard actually.
But of course, if anyone else can provide such a script i’m more than thankfull.

Kind regards.


Good luck! :slight_smile: :mascot:


Did it work? :slight_smile:


The NPC_Control is working, but we had to disable it again, because it was using soo much Server Performance that our FPS went down by around 20% having this script enambled :frowning: