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remove everything…


Looking for the same script. I got a little more information.

I have seen this on three different, unlinked, servers. On both, the plugin is called esx_fishing. I’ve asked in the ESX Discord but noone have ever heard of it.

You buy a fishing rod and lure in the esx_shops and go to the tivoli pier where there is 1-5 different blue zones where you can fish. Having a lure increases the chance of fish.

Someone else must have more information…


The three servers with the plugin:

Another example of a user having it:

(in his start files)

More servers with the plugin…

This needs to be a resource somewhere, can’t have all these different servers from all across the globe with an unreleased plugin…


I’m also searching but can’t find it!!!
Did you find it? :S


does anyone know of this? need a working one for esx



where is the fishing in this script?, there is no coords in the files?


Let me know if you find something


Take a look at the client code. You can’t be in a vehicle or swimming you must be standing in the water.


wrong fishing … do you want it or