RemoByte Roleplay | San Andreas | RP | Apply to be a LEO/EMS | Community Police | **Recruiting Now!**


Welcome to the RemoByte Role Play FiveM forum post this server was named UKDOJRP based in London, England. We have now changed our name to RemoByte Role Play and the server has switched to America this server is a partial economy based server we have a custom frame work in the works we currently are using ESX. Here at RemoByte Role Play we try to give you the best and most realistic experience. At the time of this post we have 430+ members you can join and try out the server or become a member with us here Hope to see you there!! We’re also partnered with Modern Solutions.

RemoByte Role Play Features:
Economy based ESX server for now until our custom framework is done
Custom emergency vehicles and peds
The ability to fly planes/helicopters if you have a license
Work in progress CAD in-game
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas State Police
Community Police
Server’s Direct IP - ****
TS server IP -
RemoByte RolePlay Department applications are OPEN


Like I said before this server has only just changed and it is currently in an Alpha state of testing. It would mean a lot to us if you try it out so if you like what you hear come on down and try us out.


Very good community come on guys


Great community, amazing staff


Great Staff. nice cars UK police and NHS all round brilliant server


This server is great


Sick server can get some good RPs going


nICE ONE, WE LOVE IT. Community is good, no trollers… nice i love it


fantstic server the admins are amazing the cars look amazing and the police and EMS vehicles are very realistic the texture developer does an amazing job


10/10 Community. Great people and a great staff team. Much better then DHSRP!


We’ve gotten so many members over the past weeks thanks guys.


Very fun server. You can get some very good RP on here and the staff team are great.

unlisted #15