[RELEASE] [YMAP] [WIP] Sandy Shores Sheriff's Office Enhancement



This has been moved to my github


Nice I made a similar ymap a while ago, also have something similar in Paleto bay.


Hey Chip. Absolutely wonderful. We have it in our server (Blue Code Gaming) and can’t thank you enough for it. It just fits perfectly for what I was looking for. Again thank you. Its awesome.


BradXY I think we are using your addition as well with his. And it between the two of yalls scripts its actually really good. Thank you as well.


Thank you very much. The major bits are in. In a few days, I’ll be posting an update with some detail work and getting things a little straighter.


looks awesome :ok_hand:


Between the 2 scripts its looks awesome. If you would can you put up a surveillance camera? Most bullpens have them. Not major if you don’t. It looks good as it is.


The ymap file has one on the corner of the guard shack, however, fivem doesn’t seem to like it. It’s one of the changes I’ll need to make, finding another camera to replace it. My assumption is that fivem removed it because it was animated (blinky red light).

Fivem removes some things in order help relieve dsync and lag (not that it works really well). So the props we place are hit or miss. I’ll be finding a new one that will hopefully work in fivem.


Yes. FiveM can be very finicky. Lol. But thank you. Hopefully you are having safe travels with your work and again thank you and be safe.


Very nice. Thanks for the release!


still need your GitHub link cant download it if you don’t put the damn link in the description box


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Unlisted until the download link has been added.