[RELEASE] [YMAP] Police Training Facility


This resource has been moved to my github

[RELEASE] [YMAP] Police Training Kill House

thanks for creating and sharing with us, its a great idea and works :slight_smile:
you cannot really see if the targets got hit… maybe there is another way to implement the targets… im not sure… i know that popping targets are not possible… atleast that was i was told before…


Oh, I’m sure there is a way to script it and I am looking into it. But for now, not possible.


is it possible for this to be moved to another location because in my server we use the airport for aviation rp?
(Great Script Though)


I provided the .xml files to use with menyoo so that anyone can edit it. I won’t move it, there are a ton of objects and that is way too much work. However, during your aviation rp stuff, you can turn of the driving course just by removing the EVOC ymap and restarting the server. Same with the killhouse. Maybe only turn them on when you need to do trainings.


Full video


I seen that. Commented and added a like.


it would be nice if you would put a link to your GitHub so that people can just click that to go and download


Yes, can we get your github link?


Requesting moderator remove the post, his link is not in the post, after searching for a few hours I found his github and it does not have the map file.


whats his GitHub or whats the download link so that I can download it


whats his GitHub bro


much appreciated bro cheers



Download was removed, and the OP still hasen’t provided a new download link.