[RELEASE] [YMAP] Police Training Facility


Ok, this is not only an update to my killhouse ymap, but it also adds an EVOC course.


  • Me for creating the ymaps from scratch
  • @Runt for the layout. Runt is a 20 year veteran police officer and has provided the layout used here.
  • @CZorn25 for making the video and he is also a veteran police officer.
    All three of these guys are members of the New Andreas RP community.


Everybody and their brother runs their EVOC training like they see in DOJ and copy it. DOJ doesn’t wouldn’t know a real EVOC course if someone slapped them with it. Too many FiveM police RP communities copy how they seen things done on DOJ and then want to claim they are serious RP.

It’s time to be serious. Run your people through real training. Make them run the EVOC course. Make them run through the killhouse. Don’t be a DOJ clone. Be as realistic as possible.

The Bad Stuff

  • Targets in the killhouse don’t drop when shot
  • Cones and barrels on the EVOC course don’t move when hit (they will damage a vehicle)
    The reason for this is that the only way to reset them is to restart the server. Something I’m sure most don’t want to do every time someone runs through either course.

The Good Stuff

I’ve included the .xml files for you to use with menyoo and make any edits you want.

The Screens & Video


  • This is completely built by me
  • This resource, ymaps, or the .xml files may NOT be uploaded to any other site
  • Alterations, improvements, etc may not be reuploaded here without my consent.
  • The targets do not move when shot
  • The big silhouette is assumed to be the bad guys (shoot them)
  • The skinny silhouette is assumed to be the good guy (don’t shoot them)
  • Cones and barrels do not move when you hit them
  • You car will get damaged if you hit cones and barrels
  • I won’t pay for repairs when you damage your car because you didn’t listen


This is a single resource with two ymaps.

  • killhouse2.ymap
  • evoc.ymap
    This way, you can easily turn one or the other off by removing the file and restarting your server.

Oh Right, The Download

training.rar (19.9 KB)


  • Extract the training.rar file to somewhere.
  • Try to remember where you extracted to.
  • After you found it, upload the training folder to your /resources folder
  • Add start training to your server.cfg file
  • Clear your cache (because we all know you haven’t done it for a while)
  • Restart your server
  • Profit

[RELEASE] [YMAP] Police Training Kill House

thanks for creating and sharing with us, its a great idea and works :slight_smile:
you cannot really see if the targets got hit… maybe there is another way to implement the targets… im not sure… i know that popping targets are not possible… atleast that was i was told before…


Oh, I’m sure there is a way to script it and I am looking into it. But for now, not possible.


is it possible for this to be moved to another location because in my server we use the airport for aviation rp?
(Great Script Though)


I provided the .xml files to use with menyoo so that anyone can edit it. I won’t move it, there are a ton of objects and that is way too much work. However, during your aviation rp stuff, you can turn of the driving course just by removing the EVOC ymap and restarting the server. Same with the killhouse. Maybe only turn them on when you need to do trainings.


Full video


I seen that. Commented and added a like.