[Release] Y-Particle-Loadscreen with loadbar and music player(Update 05/02) | Zentry Academy



i’ll add a cursor right now, wait 10min


Great release! I want to set a default volume to 20% or something. Could you explain how to do this?


dont use notepad++
use visual studio code that is way beter for coding


add volume="0.2"inside <audio> tag


Thanks alot! How do i make so that the music plays automatically? It’s paused atm. And the png files isn’t showing. It’s just a blue circle. I haven’t changed anything yet. Any idea?


add autoplay inside <audio> tag and for images check if the path is correct ( try a online .png, hosted on imgur )


¿How can i change the background with an image?


I added this and tested the way you have it setup but the logo does not show up.


where is the path for the images displayed?