[Release] Y-Particle-Loadscreen with loadbar and music player(Update 05/02) | Zentry Academy



as the title says, idk write descriptions.

Live preview: https://cdn.fivem.com.br/yumeload/ (Yes, I buyed this domain)

How to install:

  1. Download from Github.com
  2. Drag & Drop into resources folder
  3. Start in Server.cfg

05/02 - Cursor added, for easier navigation, and better user experience.


This is amazing! Thanks!


nice meu gado


Good Work


:wink: Nice


Anyone know how to change the logos?


just replace img/logo.png and img/logo2.png


Oh. Lol (20 char)


Didn’t see that


There is no cursor? How do I add one?


Nice manito


very neat


Nice good work m8


how do i change the song? i cant see the line in notepad++ to change it. this is a great Loading screen great job


Line 47, index.html


I have the problem changing the song could you help me?


Could you be more specific? What exactly happen or doesn’t happen?


I try to change the song in index.html using a .mp3 url but it does not play.


maybe the archive is corrupted or you are not specifying the path correctly


Want to use this but no cursor makes it rly hard to pause, change vol etc…