[Release] xnLoadLib | San Andreas inspired Loading Screen for Liberty City Servers


Hey guys I previously made a San Andreas Inspired Loading Screen since the latest update of FiveM with the ability for more maps to be added I am sure there will be more and more Liberty City servers showing up.

So I have made this loading screen for everyone. Has Liberty City loading screen music and images from the game. It cycles through the 9 images at random. So change them as you please.

The images or music can be changed by replacing the files. Hasn’t been tested on anything other then 1080p resolution, but it’s all based on percentages so it should work fine.

Here is a demo
Here is the download

(Demo only views correctly in Google Chrome or in-game, image transitions don’t work on Microsoft Edge)


Sorry I know this isn’t the post to ask this. But I can’t seem to find it anywhere. How are they doing the Liberty City servers? I have seen the screen shots when loading into FiveM but I can’t seem to find how they are doing it. Would you happen to know? (I only ask since your resource is designed for them so you might know or where to point me.) Thank you.