[Release] WebDatabase Viewer



WebDatabase Viewer by ThatZiv

The WebDB viewer by ThatZiv presents a PHP webpage that shows data from your MySQL users table


  • This is all open to edit, but with an exception to the copyright header. Do not modify it in any way.
  • Compatible with ESX or anything else that uses the MySQL
  • Essentialmode is a necessity for out of the box functionality
  • Your Database actually set up properly and working. Do not ask for help with setting up your DB

Download here

Below is only if you are using xampp (use your web server if you are using something else)

Delete anything in \c\xampp\htdocs
Put the files in \c\xampp\htdocs\


  • In config.php, change the DB info to match your database settings.
  • To add new columns, you first have to add a new <th>, so let’s say you want to add a skin column, go to line 59 and follow the format. So it would be <th>skin</th> between the <tr></tr> Now you have added a new column, but there is no data that shows up there. To connect that column from your DB, go to line 74 to the mysqli fetch and add a echo "<th>"; echo $row['skin']; Following the same order as your <th> from above. Make Sure that you follow the same order down the list the same as the <tr> from line 59. If you don’t follow the same order, then you will get the MySQL data on a different column from what you wanted to initially.
  • If you want to view a different table, you can change it from line 54 from users to whatever the table you want it to be. Note that you will have to list the columns from scratch and through the fetch and the <tr>


  • Show data to moderators/administrators without risking your database’s data.
  • More polished way to view data from your database
  • View user’s data to moderate people’s money, permissions, etc.

Further Support
Ask for extended help or setup.
There are many helpful comments in the code itself, Use them.
If you are trying to find something through the webpage, just use CTRL + F


You could also create a sql user with view only permission and use something like adminer


This is polished? mk