[Release]Weazel News pack / News vehicles pack [2.2]

He made them into a add on pack, I made the EC135 (This is my main acc) and he DM’ed me asking for permission to re-post my heli in a pack so he may of just forgot to put credit accidentally. He is a good guy and is just helping the community.

Im sure he is, but I was mainly refering to the rumpo newsvan made by one of my friends, he was actually the person who linked me this and he said he wasn’t asked about anything. Also he even says not to reupload his files anywhere else without his permission.

Then if that is the case, yes he should of asked for permission before doing so.


I would like you to leave this thread, and learn to actually read. The first thing I always do is give credit, and if you can read you can see that there is a tab named credits. If you click that you can see the credits

If you have anything more just pm me and not bring it up here since it ruins the post


Just posting this when 3 out of the 4 mods used state:

Do not upload this mod to another site without permission from me.

Is asking this to be taken down, based on some complaints this topic will be shutdown.

Opened after fixing topic and getting permission from vehicle creator

Nice pack, thanks for putting it together @godgutten.

Here ya go, [Release] Weazel News Camera and Mic

Upon OP request


how to spawn

any command or something

Spawn it in with the spawn names

Use your menu to spawn it in, you need to add a server sided menu or a client side menu. You can also download a custom script and then type /car (Spawn name)

/car (Script) Very simple /car command
Server sided menu vMenu v3.0.3 - A server-sided menu including (almost) full permissions support
Client sided menu [Release] Lambda Menu

A proper news job to go with this would be awesome setup at the weazel news building with spawn for the vehicles and job grades like Camera man ect. :slight_smile: