[Release] Weazel News Camera and Mic



This script is a functional weazel news camera you can carry around and use, activate the camera then just press E to activate it and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, also included is a microphone which in conjunction with a point script can me moved around when you press B.

/cam = toggles the camera
/mic = toggles the microphone
/bmic = toggles the boom mic

when cam is active press E to enter weazel news view press M to enter movie cam view

here’s a video showing the camera in use:

and the download:

Patch for 1.0
a few code optimizations by chiaxshot have been merged
and a rotation fix by me to make your ped rotate with the camera don’t know how i didn’t realise this wasn’t happening before

Version 1.1 Breaking News
The only change to this version is the breaking news text along the bottom

Version 1.2 Movies And News
This update adds a movie style view with a letterbox effect

Version 1.3 Dr. Boom
This update adds a useable boom mic to the roleplaying reporters arsenal of tools do /bmic to toggle said boom mic

This script is based off of @xander1998’s Extraction Saw script which can be found here:

which he has given me permission to release
with bits of used from esx_binoculars found here:

[Release] MovieView Simple Letterbox Effect
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[Release] Undercover Admin Mercedes Vito Surveillance Van - non ELS
Esx journalist
Looking for animations/prop names
[Release]Weazel News pack / News vehicles pack [2.0]

Amazing work. Would come in hand for many roleplay servers


wouldn’t of been possible for me without the work of xander


Nice Works! thanks for sharing


Holy shit. This is amazing!


thats a fucking release ! :slight_smile:


Awesome. Love it. Good job.


thanks man it means alot that you like it, if you see anything stupid in the code feel free to say something i know i left a few unused natives in there


Will do. (20 characters)


Outstanding release! This will add so much to RP…


Thats awesome <3


I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but I can see the camera/mic, but no one else can see the object… Only I can see it…

lol… Now i’m embarrassed.


i don’t believe there’s an issue with sync correct me if i’m wrong


The Weazel News part of it flashes for me is there a way to fix that?


Now my stuff isn’t special anymore awawawawaw cries :tired_face:


Thanks Diamond for release


Great Release, Kudos !


If you want to remove the Overlay delete these on client.lua

local scaleform = RequestScaleformMovie(“security_camera”)
local scaleform2 = RequestScaleformMovie(“breaking_news”)
on line 89 and 90

while not HasScaleformMovieLoaded(scaleform) do
while not HasScaleformMovieLoaded(scaleform2) do
on lines 93-98


Wish there was a way to have text go across the camera…


it is indeed possible i was thinking of just having breaking news at the bottom