[RELEASE] Weapon Component ( accesories ) for ESX



Hi guys, here just a little script who permite you to add flashlight, suppressors, grip and yusuf skin to your weapons.

If someone made an English translation please PM me then i will update the script.


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The config is empty, no server side money check and no client side draw markers. This script will need finished to work for RP purposes.


Yes because all servers are differents so people use my script like they want and adapt it to their server


Do you think your script can work with à store like sell attachment To player


Hello, the only way I’ve been able to obtain these items is to use admin command /giveitem.
I haven’t had any luck adding them to the weashops DB or shops, could someone post a screenshot of their db where one of these items can be purchased in a shop?


Indeed I need that also!


How do I set the location to buy the items in the config.lua file
I put it that way, the place does not appear to buy
Config = {x= 460.7, y= -980.82, z= 30.69}


Same I would like to get it working


Whats the spawn name of these items?



I have just updated the script with English translation on the GitHub as pull request.


how did im start the flashlight?


how to add a place where people buy?