[Release] vVoice v1.2 | Simple proximity Voice Chat resource




Simple proximity Voice Chat resource, inspired by LambdaMenu.

Update 17-12-2018

I will no longer be maintaining/supporting this resource. The GitHub repo has been archived. Fork it if you want to update it yourself.

ScriptHook disabled, but still want to have proximity voice chat just like LambdaMenu? Then this is the resource for you.
It’s simple, works out of the box, yet has multiple configurable variables for those who want to customize it.

Configurable features

  • Set default voice chat proximity (this is synced for all players)
  • /voice toggle enables/disables the voice chat for that player (you can disable this feature)
  • /voice distance <veryclose|close|nearby|distant|far|veryfar|global> changes the voice chat proximity for every player (this feature can also be disabled)
    (using this to change the proximity will stay until the resource/server is stopped or restarted)
  • disable voice chat completely for everyone

Non-configurable features Unless you know what you’re doing of course :wink:

  • See who’s currently speaking near you (similar to Lambda Menu)



New style v1.1:

(old style, v1.0):


Here ya go, click me!

Default config

local voiceChatProximity = "veryclose" -- default: veryclose
-- valid options are: veryclose, close, nearby, distant, far, veryfar, global.
local voiceEnabled = true
local allowProximityChange = true -- Allow people to change the chat proximity using /voice distance <proximity>
local allowVoiceToggle = true -- Allow people to disable voice chat for themseleves using /voice toggle

More info

click me

Proximity options

veryclose = 25 meters
close = 75 meters
nearby = 200 meters
distant = 500 meters
far = 2500 meters
veryfar = 8000 meters
global = unlimited meters

Known bugs

  • If you have a custom chat resource, the commands may not work correctly. In that case use the server console instead, or preferably switch back to the regular FiveM chat!
  • With very long usernames the text could become off-centered. Fixed in v1.1!


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Can you restrict global voice to just admins?


Was thinking the same thing!


I’ll see what I can do.


Great and simple, that’s all I need :smiley:


Very impressive man! Good work :slight_smile:


@Vespura The script is not working anymore, do you have any Idea why? If I’m entering one Command it shows it in the chatbox as it is but not that it has changed something, seems like the command is not known


Are you using a custom chat resource? In that case it probably doesn’t work.


Update v1.1

- Removed unused code
- Removed old text display code
+ Recoded the text display part to make sure the text is always centered on the screen (even if you have a rediculously long username)
+ Updated text style.

New style:

(Old style):

Check OP for download link.


Hi, it’s possible change the proximity of the chat only to the individual person?


No that’s not possible rn, it changes and syncs for everyone.


I’m getting an error.
Could not load resource vVoice.???
I put the folder into resources and made sure to add it to my autostart… Did I miss a step?


Could you show me the error message you get? It should show where the script failed exactly.


It said that the resource started, with no issues in the server log. But upon joining, players including myself are getting the message Could not load resource vVoice :frowning:


If you restart the server or type restart vVoice in the console does it fix the issue?
Also are you using the latest server version?


Not sure if this is an error, or it simply isn’t a feature yet, but when I tired your script it seems to only work one way. Basically if someone is on veryclose they can only hear people close to them, but if for example someone is on normal they can still hear the person on whisper.


My resources syncs the distance across all players, so you’re probably using lambda menu or another resource that interferes.


Okay, I’ll take a look. Thanks.


So just as clarify people can have different voice settings (for example player 1 can have veryclose and player 2 can have on far and it shouldn’t be an issue?)


Not with this resource, this syncs it globally so the proximity is the same for everyone. If you’re using Lambda Menu’s voice chat then it can be different for each player.