[Release] vSync for the people who have issues



This is the same plugin like this: vSync (v1.4.0) | Simple weather and time sync made by Vespura:https: https://forum.fivem.net/u/vespura
But mine is a remake for the people having issues with the Original.
For example: Changing Weather every second or changing time from night to day for no reason.

This is 100% Foolproof

Download: https://bit.ly/2E2A1VQ


What those issues might be? What are your fixes?

Also, any credit for original creator? His permissions to re-release his script??


Instead of taking source code and rereleasing it, why don’t you create a PR so the original can be improved?!

Also, mediafire, really? Use the file upload functionality of the forum or upload the code to Github.




Please take a look at the original vSync license.


What the hell is this… These are your changes

You have got to be kidding me. This isn’t a release. Plus what @Vespura said…