[RELEASE][VRP] vRP Showroom v2.0


Hi again…

This release includes a highly modified version of Sighmir’s Showroom which includes the following:

  • A security measure to prevent price modifications with Cheat Engine
  • Now vehicle textures won’t load while you scroll, you will have to press [E] when you found a vehicle you would like to check out
  • Moved the vehicle spawn and added a nice rotation
  • Added a small vehicles specifications chart at the bottom right
  • Added the option to test drive any vehicles for 1 Minute
  • Added an NPC instead of a marker to get into the Showroom list



Video: https://gyazo.com/1b04d29ce5cbb843dc378b4c432c2372

Original Showroom: https://github.com/Sighmir/FiveM-Scripts/tree/master/vrp/vrp_showroom (Credits: Sighmir)

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://github.com/DGVaniX/vRP/tree/master/vrp_showroom


Wow you have some a lot I don’t use vrp but I hope that this sparks more people to start using it because your work is great!


Still have to do the other add ons and replace the code in client garages and modules garages?
Just incase you missed my question…
Do we still have to do the whole Sighmir’s save Tunnings pack? Replacing the modules and client files?
Etc…etc then update with your rescripted vrp_showroom?
BTW the work you do is incredible and it’s why I use VRP. Thank you for the hours you put into this. Sorry you have to shut down your own server. that sux


Hi, what do i have to do, in order to make the prices be like 200.000 instead of 200000? Best regards, and Nice comebacks with your scripts. Looking good!


You can use this function I made a few years back:

function vRP.formatMoney(amount)
	local left,num,right = string.match(tostring(amount),'^([^%d]*%d)(%d*)(.-)$')
	return left..(num:reverse():gsub('(%d%d%d)','%1.'):reverse())..right

This is awesome ! Thank you for releasing all the new scripts.
One question about this vrp_showroom. I saw you added vehicles for jobs, how can permisions be added ?
Thank you !


Thanks! :heart: Keep up the good work, enjoying your stuff!

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esx please


What do i need to change for this to work?

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Is there a way to disable the test drive feature as I do not want that part ?


Nice Thx man like always.

Just one question it’s possible to add some information like description into the menu or the hud ?

Thx man !


How do I get my vehicles after buying them?


i have a problem i have moved the showroom in paleto bay and i put the coords corect but the showroom is not showing and all the coords are corect can you help me pls?


You need to install vrp_garages


how do install this? do i do the same as sighmir? with the basic garage stuff?


sighmir works properly but I have a small problem with the garages, but if someone helps me, I’m pretty stuck

Error loading script modules / basic_garage.lua in resource vrp: lib / utils.lua: 13: incorrect argument # 1 for ‘load’ (expected function, null achieved)
Battery tracking:
[C]: in function ‘load’
lib / utils.lua: 13: in the ‘module’ function
modules / basic_garage.lua: 23: in the main part
Error loading script modules / basic_garage.lua