[RELEASE] [VRP] Remove drivers license



Well… Not much to say here, everything is on this GitHub link

Haven’t been able to find it around on GitHub or FiveM forums, so though I’d share it here with you guys.

It’s simple, might have been able to code it better, so feel free to adjust it for your own needs, but please share if you decide to do it.

Read the README on GitHub, and you should be good to go. (Credits given there too)

  • As as cop, you can remove the drivers license of a driver, by simply opening your In-game menu, press the Police menu, and press Remove driverslicense and type in their ID and boom.


Please you can send me VRP_DMVSchool , github is off the link…



Hey You Could Post a video how to put this mod because I did not get it


Is there a way to get driver license into the identity menu in vrp with this ?

i have tried with vrp_dmvschool but cannot get it to work.


It is pretty easy to get into the “Identity”-tab in the menu.

A piece of the code, that I use on my own server:

    -- get driver license status
          local driverlicense = ""
          vRP.getDriverLicense(user_id, function(license)
            driverlicense = license.DmvTest
          if driverlicense == 3 then
            driverlicense = "Yes"
          elseif driverlicense == 2 then
            driverlicense = "Taken"
            driverlicense = "No"

Be aware, this is using INT’s, instead of “Required”/“Passed”


i get this when i try to use the code “attempt to call a nil value (field ‘getDriverLicense’)”


I didn’t give you the full code. Put some work into it, and you should be able to get it to work.


i have get my money in the identity tab but cannot get this to work . but thanks for the help :slight_smile:


take license is built into the DMV school offered by Sighmir


Into the VRPEX script yea it is, but not into the normal VRP, which some servers still use, because of the extensive custom work done to the framework, which would be lost by switching to VRPEX.

Also, this got released back in December, over 8 months ago.


i got this when i restart the server

Error loading script server.lua in resource dmvschool: [string “…”]:126: attempt to concatenate a nil value (local ‘identifier’)
stack traceback:
[string “…”]:126: in field ‘getInterface’
server.lua:25: in main chunk
Failed to load script server.lua.


Hi i am all new to this kind of stuff, i try to follow the text where to copy paste it, can someone plz help me i dont get the option ingame to remove the licen… ??