[Release] [vRP] Hud of thirst, hunger, health and armor


Hey Marmota, good job. The original did not work but the second version does work for hunger, thirst and health. The armor is not working, as in the background is transparent. I will try to change color and test it see if it updates if cops or locals shoot. The bars under the minimap are still showing as well. So they have to be disabled and I want to move your resource from bottom right, it blocks draw text for street names.
I will update what happens when I have a chance. Thank you for a good looking hud.

Got Armor to fill with color but only by using vMenu for set Max Armor, no idea why it’s only way I can get it to work. I’m going to work on disabling the default progress bars and moving it next. Will update when I have it working. Also, I am going to change my resolution back to default on my monitor and see if it bugs out. I’m downscaled to 1080p but my monitor can do 2k and 4k. so I will see what happens and post an update.

After changing resolution to my native 1440p the hud is still same as it shows on the 1080p resolution. Also upscaled to 4k and guess what? It’s still sitting same as 1080p and 1440p…:+1:
Good job Marmota.
I have been busy to test more but yes, you can remove the default bars on the minimap however I have not as of yet done it. I also have no idea if removing the default bars will make the armor work correctly. If anyone has any input post it here please because the armor is the only issue I saw not showing full without vMenu.


To remove the bars under the minimap, go to vrp/modules/survival.lua and delete all lines that have



help me put those food and water bars down the mini map

sorry for Inglish I am from brazil !! help please


I am brazilian too, essa hud nao cabe embaixo do minimapa!


Marmota, mas a da foto do cara ai mano, tem a barra normal de sede e fome… que fica em baixo da vida e o colete… tu nao sabe como coloca irmao ? vejo em varios servidores ( mais barras, ex: mijar, dormir, sono ) me ajuda irmão…


o foda é que eu nao sei as cordenadas do minimap se eu soubesse acho que daria pra colocar as barras que ja vem no vrp shAdowBR


Tem o vrp_bars no fivem brasil la ele tem umas barras embaixo do mapa.


nao estou achando mano… se puder, pode enviar o link, mano, por favor…


Excluiram todos os scripts de la n sei pq


#sacanagem :frowning:


just a tip, don’t delete the progress bars. Just comment the code to diasble them. If you do not comment them out then make a back up before you ‘delete’ the code. You can always revert with a back up in case you decide to not use Marmota’s release.


is there a way to remove the health and armor bar from under the minimap? that would be awesome I haven’t had much luck with it yet


you have to comment out or delete the code

good luck


sorry I was meaning the normal one that are just the health and armor I got the food and drink ones gone, but not the health and armor


Which version of VRP are you using?


im using dunkos version I got all the stuff to show up, just the health and armor bar are still on the minimap like it is on the regular game, all the added stuff works just fine but wanted the minimap to just be a minimap

if that makes any sense


yea I know what you are referring to.Take a look at this forum thread

Mar 10

function vRP.getHealth(user_id)

return data.health

function vRP.varyHealth(user_id)

local health = GetEntityHealth(ped)
local ped = GetPlayerPed(-1)



Editing original, the health and armor are part of mini map. here’s a link from Mooshe


How can i add text in the bars ?


Doesn’t seem to work with the newer vRP release, get mass proxy errors, seems the calls need to be updated but I haven’t yet been able to find what they should be.