[Release]vrp-Gruppe6Robbing "Gruppe6 armored truck robbing"

Hi!This script is for vRP only .It spawn a armored truck that drive across the city and transport some money.
You must explod the back doors with sticky bombs(or any other ways you know) to get the money.When done you get wanted.

Update 4(06/23/19):NEW SCRIPT NAME ,Bugs fix,Some code changes,simple notifications edition .

Gruppe6%201 Gruppe6%202 Gruppe6%203 Gruppe6%204


You know GitHub? Would appreciate it, If you would Upload it there.

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Yes i know GitHub i don’t have an account. But if this resources get interest so i create one to share other scripts.

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Really nice script!

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Thank’s! An update is coming soon.

You should improve the code. It looks awful…

		if IsEntityAtCoord(GetPlayerPed(-1),obj.x, obj.y, obj.z,0.30,0.30, 4.0, 0, 1, 0) == 1 then
                DeleteObject(bag)--delete prop after pickup
			      money = false

        	 if GetEntityHealth(GetPlayerPed(-1)) == 120 then --if in coma 

Have removed all my comments, just because I don’t have time for kids like you. Good luck, improve your shit!

Nice update.

Maybe add a text like “An armored Gruppe6 truck driving around the city, use a sticky bomb to steal the money!” to all players on the server? Chat message? Hint? :slight_smile:

Yes this is easy to add.If you have other ideas tell me.If i can do it why not ?
Have you try it ?

nice script


Update 2:Added truck spawn notification.
Added detroyed truck notification and remove truck if destroyed.

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Would you be okay with me releasing an esx version of this? If I gave you credit of course.

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Hi ! Yes for sure you can .
Thank’s to have ask before. :+1:

I see that on some bases your script is giving dirty money to everyone who creates the first account on the server

I think the problem must be even because the bag I did not find it being set in any position
and I did not find a check whether this bag really exists or not, it takes the position of that bag whether it exists or not

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Yep, it gives money to new players when they join (And even older players) - I fixed it by change the “ok_givemoney” thing in server event :slight_smile:

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Hi.Yes i’ve noticed that too.I’ve maybe forget to upload the fixed version.
Will do that thank you for the feedback :+1:.

what is your problem? what cause he didn’t respond to your “code” comment? I mean honestly dude, sorry not trying to be rude, just don’t understand why you feel the need to post something like this…

TO IMPROVE maybe? Do you have problems trying to read?

ok but, why you coming across so rude-like is my point… that’s all :frowning: I mean he did it in a way he knew, and for now, it works, I myself have cleaned the code up a little bit for use on my server because I do agree there was a lot in there that didn’t need to be, all I was saying is you don’t have to be so harsh :slight_smile: