[Release] vRP Framework


Can someone tell me how I can get vRP player id? like this:
local serverId = GetPlayerServerId


Having issues getting the DB to create? All credentials are correct, any one help?




How do i open the phone/menu


Hej Levende_Postej Det virker ikke


vRP2 @Imagic

Sounds great. Do you already know when it could happen? :smiley:


Here is a glimpse of some vRP 2 features, the multi-character and vehicle state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h3lkYD5uy0

You can beta-test this version by using the dev branch of vRP (same for extensions/DB drivers repositories).
You can also join the discord and request for the #beta-testing channel to discuss about it.

As usual, issues and feature requests for this version should be posted on Github.


Why its not looks the same