[Release] vRP Framework


Of course, I installed


If it says [vRP] Connected to DB using driver “ghmattimysql”. or [vRP] Connected to DB using driver “vrp_mysql”. then its should be fine… If not you probably need to defined the driver in vrp/cfg/base



I have set vRP up however, adding a player to the cop group isnt working so people cannot be cops. Help would be appreciated thanks


share you groups so we can see


Have you solved it? I have the same problem.


Hi. It randomly just worked. Think it was because i was playing around with the police groups. A question about that as well, I have changed the police job names, but where is the config for the armory so that them ranks can access it?


Make a market in cfg and add the body armor to it like this

  ["police"] = {
    _config = {blipid=0, blipcolor=0, permissions={"police.market"}},
    ["repairkit"] = 50,
	["bulletproof_vest"] = 2500


Already have a market.lua and also a gunshop.lua where the default police markets are. Do i need to change them to what i changed the jobs to in the groups.lua?


You need to add permissions in the groups for each police rank


Ok, so in my groups.lua I have added “police.market” to the permissions, I have added a market like this in market.lua

[“police”] = {
_config = {blipid=0, blipcolor=0, permissions={“police.market”}},
[“repairkit”] = 0,
[“bulletproof_vest”] = 0,
[“medkit”] = 0

but i am still not able to walk near the green circle as any rank to open it.



would I need to change _config = {blipid=0, blipcolor=0, permissions={“police.market”}}, to _config = {blipid=0, blipcolor=0, permissions={“police.loadout”}},?


Make it in a gun shop for police, the market if not for weapons at all it wont work…

[“police”] = {
_config = {blipid=0,blipcolor=0,permissions={“police.whitelisted”}},
[“WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN_MK2”] = {“Pump Shot Gun MK2”,0,0,""},
[“ARMOR”] = {“Body Armor”,0,0,""},
[“WEAPON_PISTOL_MK2”] = {“Pistol MK2”,0,0,""},
[“WEAPON_STUNGUN”] = {“Stun Gun”, 0,0,""}

After that add “police.whitelisted” to the police group in cfg groups

fyi… “bulletproof_vest” only works in markets and stores in your inventory for u to wear at any time… and weapons cannot go in markets.

For the blip ID go here https://wiki.■■■■■■■■■■■/index.php?title=Blips if u want it to have a blip, we don’t use blips for that…


ok cheers, and that will create the armory menu yes?



Okay, I will answer to your message to clarify some things, but I will not argue on anything with you, especially when there is so much use of rhetoric.

First, people should be aware in the open source community that reviewing issues and pull requests takes time. It takes even more time to write and point the problems and then more time to explain why there are problems. At this point, it could have taken far less time to develop it yourself. Some of the pull requests you mention are still not resolved by the contributors, despite me writing a specific list of things to correct, the same way I didn’t resolved some vRP issues because developing takes time and more. That being said, I accepted several pull requests without further discussions because they were clean and complete.

When you contribute to a project, wanting the project to adapt to you doesn’t seem to be the way, you need to adapt yourself to the project, follow the same coding conventions and make sure that people leading the project will accept what you are doing before doing it to prevent you from wasting time. I think a lot of projects even recommend people to ask before making any pull request, so they can discard their proposals without further waste of time.

And of course, like I said before, it is not forbidden to do a fork (MIT license) if my decisions doesn’t please someone, it may fragment things, but if it is done properly (and that’s the problem I talked about), one could improve vRP and benefit from the things one likes while correcting the things one doesn’t like (and my work would still be relevant).


That did not work, it broke my police groups all together.


you are not doing something right, are u using the updated vRP or that ancient dunko crap?


Can some one tell me how to add myself as cop please using k menu please? Thanks in advance. I manged to do it before but cant remember the command for it. is it group 1 then police or something? Thanks.


How to get vrpex showroom ?


How can i remove money hud ?


Hello??? How the heck do I add myself as cop please? I did userid 1 then police officer, but nothing came up? What do I do please help!